How Do You Approach Creating a Strong Visual Identity?

How Do You Approach Creating a Strong Visual Identity?

In the quest to forge a memorable and impactful visual identity for brands, we've gathered insights from top design professionals. From understanding core values and audience to involving clients in the visual strategy, discover the four key strategies shared by Creative Directors and Senior Brand Managers for crafting a visual identity that resonates.

  • Understand Core Values and Audience
  • Translate Brand Essence Visually
  • Focus on Scalability and Clarity
  • Involve Clients in Visual Strategy

Understand Core Values and Audience

As a creative director, when I approach the development of a strong visual identity for a brand like Amarra, I start by thoroughly understanding the core values, target audience, and the unique selling proposition of the brand. For Amarra, it was vital to reflect sophistication, elegance, and the exclusivity of handcrafted designs in our visual identity.

I focus on creating a cohesive look that encompasses everything from the logo and color palette to the typography and imagery that resonates with our audience. We brainstorm and sketch extensively to find elements that are both timeless and modern.

For example, with Amarra, we chose a minimalistic logo with a serif font to convey a classic yet contemporary vibe. The color scheme included deep, rich tones to suggest luxury while being grounded and versatile for various applications.

Then, we translated our visual identity consistently across all platforms, from our labeling and packaging to our online presence, ensuring that every touchpoint with the customer reinforces our brand image.

As a result, Amarra has become recognizable not just for our designs but for the distinctive experience we provide. Our brand's visual identity has helped us stand out in international fashion markets and contributed to a loyal customer base. We consider its strong visual presence one reason for our success at fashion weeks and in the retail and online marketplace.

Abhi Madan
Abhi MadanCo-Founder & Creative Director, Amarra

Translate Brand Essence Visually

Creating a strong visual identity for a brand requires a deep understanding of its values, target audience, and industry landscape. It's about translating the essence of the brand into visual elements that resonate with consumers on an emotional level while also effectively communicating its message. At Sekure Payment Experts, we approach this by conducting thorough research to identify key brand attributes and then leveraging design principles to craft a cohesive visual identity across all touchpoints. In our recent rebranding efforts, we focused on clean, modern aesthetics to convey innovation and reliability, while incorporating bold colors to evoke a sense of positivity and trust. By consistently applying these visual elements across the website and marketing materials, we were able to create a memorable and impactful brand identity that resonated with our target audience and helped differentiate the company in a crowded market.

Deepti Chopra
Deepti ChopraSenior Brand Manager, Sekure Payment Experts

Focus on Scalability and Clarity

As a Creative Director focused on the tech and financial sectors, our approach to crafting a visual identity for rapidly-growing brands is centered on scalability and clarity. We recognize that a brand on the brink of becoming an international enterprise requires a visual language that not only captures its essence and ambitions but is also versatile and easy to implement across diverse platforms and geographies.

A prime example of this strategy in action was our work with an emerging fintech startup. We developed a visual identity that fused trustworthiness with innovation, utilizing a flexible, math-inspired design framework that could be adapted easily as the company expanded. This visual framework not only aligned with the brand's current needs but was also designed to accommodate future growth, enabling seamless integration into new markets and applications.

Tatiana Stepanova
Tatiana StepanovaFounder and Creative Director, Prznt Perfect Inc

Involve Clients in Visual Strategy

Our approach to visual identity revolves around ensuring a thorough understanding of the clients' brand, positioning in the market, its customers, and business goals. Through this, we develop a strategy to visually explore a number of themes reflecting key aspects of the findings. We gain feedback and insight from the client by continually involving them in the process to maintain a level of transparency and collaboration. We develop a range of visual assets that help to elevate how the brand communicates—colors, logos (if required), typography, textures, shapes, and elements that work in harmony to create a fully working visual identity.

James Sanderson
James SandersonCreative Director, EverydaySomething

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